Mechanical Repairs

If we have diagnosed something during a routine car service, or you have been having issues with your car and need repairs completed, our professional and experienced team are here to help you.

With many years of experience in diagnostics and repair, we can perform the necessary repairs on your vehicle helping to keep your costs, and time off road, as minimal as possible, while always maintaining a high-standard of work and never compromising on quality.

Our workshop is equipped to handle all kinds of repairs, including:

  • Brakes and clutches

  • Suspension and steering

  • Electrical

  • Cooling systems

  • Fuel injection

  • General engine work

We understand that when things go wrong, it can be a little overwhelming, as you may be concerned about costs of repair, or the inconvenience of being without a vehicle for a period of time. While we know this is a real concern for vehicle owners, we always recommend having a chat with our workshop team and acting on these issues quickly, as prolonging any kind of repairs can ultimately be much more expensive and time consuming if not taken care of when the issues first start to appear.

To find out more about how we can help you, or to book your car in for mechanical repairs, give our friendly team a call today!